The Joy of the Deal

Deal-making is finding the connection between two entities. It could involve a simple transaction, or it could involve orchestrating a much more elaborate arrangement.

The joy of the deal is the satisfaction that comes when two unbenownst parties find a commonality and discover a true partnership where none existed earlier.

It requires unearthing the deeper perspectives of each party to the degree where every one finds that their desires are truly represented.

The greater we are able to expose our underlying desires, the greater we can find the connection with those parties who can best allow us to express them.



Our Interpretation of Others is Not Enough

A lot of my work as a Perspective Analyst involves mapping out my interpretation of the unique outlook of the people we work with.

This ensures that everyone is on the same page to prevent misunderstandings…before a project is underway.

That said, I’ve realized that simply noting my own interpretation is not enough. The next step is including, not just our interpretation of their outlook, but their interpretation of our outlook.

Sometimes this will be unexpected. This often will contradict our own ideas and ideals. This often will shoot down a deal before it transpires. And yes, we have to make a tough call. It ain’t easy…but that’s wisdom applied to business.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Analyst


Welcome to Liazzone, founded January 1st, 2018!

We hope to enable transactions and facilitate relationships between organizations all around the world!

Companies can no longer rely on just their set of connections to grow their business. Smart companies will continue to look for partnerships across the globe, as this is a global economy no matter where we are located, the capacity of our work to influence the entire planet exists.

Technology has no doubt led to drastic increase in the connectedness of the planet. However, it isn’t enough because at the end of the day, a business relationship is about two human beings connecting with each other. A business needs to understand the human being they are connecting with.

Liazzone focuses heavily on the human element of transactions. We hope to play a role in emphasizing human connections in business.

Ranjeeth Thunga

Director / Perspective Analyst