Are Your Needs to…

  • understand more deeply the mindset of your partners?
  • discover creative, profitable business opportunities?
  • develop meaningful relationships across the globe?
  • evangelize your solutions to the market?
  • be a go-to-person for your clients?
  • conduct sophisticated negotiations?

If so, you need to work with a liaision.

What Makes a Good Liaison?

  • They are able to see a very broad picture.
  • They don’t have prejudice or bias.
  • The capture your vision, goals, and values.
  • They empathize with different points-of-view.
  • They really listen to you.
  • They can fully articulate your perspective.

We hope to be such a liaison for you.

Our Services

In addition to representing your company as a liaison, we can help:

  • connect you with resources across the planet
  • recruit and interview candidates
  • handle negotiations on your behalf
  • provide business development services
  • accompany you at meetings
  • be a trusted confidante

All our services share the same fundamental principle of taking a human-first approach.

Our Process

We go far deeper than simply knowing your business needs.

We begin with your core perspective:

  1. Map Your Perspective
  2. Map Your Partners’ Perspectives
  3. Identify What’s in Common
  4. Note what is Different
  5. Bridge Connections
  6. Set up Logistics

From this point, we provide ongoing liaising services and periodic review of your perspective.